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I use the model of Psychosynthesis to inform my work, but what is it and why do I use it?

What I love about Psychosynthesis is that it’s about coming into authentic relationship with our self.  We all have times when we feel that life is more of a struggle than we want it to be; maybe we are feeling stressed or anxious, depressed, or our relationships are failing.  These ‘symptoms’ rather than being seen as issues to solve, are explored as messages from our self.   Within the experience you are having is a truth waiting to be heard.

This journey that we will go on together is where the potential in each of us can be released from the cycles that are often occurring and hold us stuck. Through the combined forces of Love and Will we work to bring firstly awareness of what is happening, why and what the message is. Then we will find a healing acceptance so that we can love our self for all that we are.

This process engages with our Will and brings the freedom to choose to do something differently.

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